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Help Andy

Event Info
Concerned students of Uconn
Time and Place
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
4:00am - 6:00pm
Student Union Ballroom 330
Storrs, CT

Over Christmas break, Uconn police intercepted an email threatening the safety of Uconn sophomore Andrew Gordon. They felt the threat was credible enough to immediately alert the local police. Though both have let Andrew know his safety is in danger while he is on the UConn campus, neither will grant him permission to view this threat. Nor have any steps been implemented to keep Andy from being harmed by this people. If the police would let him view the email, he may be able to identify who is threatening him, and encouraging others to harm him.

Next time,you may be the one who is repeatedly threatened with being attacked on campus while the police and university look the other way, thinking that telling you "hey you're in significant danger of getting beaten into a coma" is adaquate measure to keep you safe.

Show up on March 4 to show the university, and Andy, that you won't settle for ignoring the safety of UConn students. Bring snacks and the like to share. Once the crowd gathers, we'll order pizza. Carrying signs is a definate plus. Have afternoon class? Let your professors know, you are taking time off from class because you care about the safey of every student on campus, even if the university doesn't.

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Are they also going to address the epidemic of people walking towards each other too?
I hope you are the next person that the University gets CREDIBLE evidence that there someone is planning to PHYSICALLY attack you on campus. Someone walking toward you does nothing to threaten your safety. Someone sending out emails saying they want to find friends to help beat the crap out of you and leave you for dead is not something to mess around with. The university thought this threat was serious enough to file a police report on it. It was not a casual "oh I want to kill Andy" comment that someone made offhand

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RE: Police Case 09-389

To Whom it May Concern --- On January 7, 2009 I spoke with Officer Thomas Hine who advised me that the University of Connecticut Police Department was in possession of an anonymous email which indicated that there had been a threat made against me and I may be at risk. On January 11, 2009, my father spoke with Officer Hine and requested a copy of the email which indicated that I may be at risk.

In accordance with the instructions contained in the attached website which was referenced in Officer Hine's response, I hereby request a copy of any and all such email correspondence reindicating that I may at risk.

Please fax the correspondence to me. My fax number is ********* I am due to return to school on Sunday and would like to receive the correspondence as soon as possible so that I may view it with my parents prior to my return.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.


Andrew Gordon

__ the request for the copy of the email was denied February 5 - Are you still sure I know nothing of the situation.
To compare threats of serious physical violence and death, accompanied with personally identifying information, with someone walking past you in a public space you is not normal, or natural, and would not ever be done by someone with a sound mind or grasp on reality.

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That is a link to the facebook event page, which provides the same details as in this entry. Not his facebook profile.

Are you familiar with facebook? You can check whether youar e attending, maybe attending, or not attending the event, and it helps people have an idea of how to plan ahead of time. Its just an RSVP online form that you can share with anyone